36" Beaker Perc Petite



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The best 3ft bong on the market. 36of pure carnage that will lay you out flat. The bee’s knees of smoke filled dreams. Not only do the three-footers come with the choice of either a straight or beaker base, but they can also be made as a part of the 50mm x 5mm Original series or as a 45mm x 5mm Petite series.

Beaker Base
Beaker bases are modeled after a classic Erlenmeyer Flask and are extremely popular. While they are viewed by many as the most stable stylistic option, they also tend to offer the smoothest experience.

Petite Series
The Petite series is for those of us who prefer a lightweight, more compact bong. Measuring in at a 45mm diameter with a 5mm wall thickness, this smaller gauge piece is a more affordable option than its OG counterpart.

Percolated Series
When in search of a smoother hit, percs are always the solution. Each perc, or percolator, adds another layer of water to give you the coolest hit around. Our percs not only cool your smoke, but they also cool your vibe by adding your own unique style and flare to your piece. Our percs, as with our bongs, are handmade and forged in the fires of the Arizona Desert.

Fuming is a process by which precious metals are inlaid with the glass. It gives your bong a sophisticated feel that really makes it pop. Any piece your heart desires can be fumed with either silver or gold.

Every piece of Bluedot Glass is desert forged in Phoenix, AZ

*Bowl and Downstem included! *

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 36 in

Palm Tree, Shower

Perc Quantity

1, 2, 3, 4

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